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Monday, August 10, 2009


Well, I am back from my Adirondack adventure. What a great time!

I left here early Friday morning and took my time. Stopped for ice and some breakfast but never noticed my gas situation until the light came on, somewhere in the foothills of the mountains. So I took the next exit and pumped some gas and went in to use the facilities....the woman after me looked a little familiar as she walked towards me, waiting in line...Well, GOSH, she turned out to be my very best friend in high school, Susan!!! What an amazing thing!!! She absolutely laughed when she learned I was heading to Jay to do a Neil Young tribute, as she was there when I first discovered Neil....

That seemed to be a good omen (did i really need one?) and I continued my journey...I was on the land pretty early and I greeted our host Dave and settled into the house and checked out all the new stuff built on the property since the last time I was there, a year ago. Slowly other rusties arrived....

We got word, however, that the second bass player was not coming...or one of the guitar players (we didn't really expect him). Mark would be arriving LATE and maybe not at all for the gig (border problems/no passport for a member of his party). And Nan had a sore throat and didn't think she would play...

Hmmm....what was once a 'too big' band suddenly shrunk to 'do we have enough band?'. But by time we hit the venue, Nan was feeling better and worked the whole evening. We pretty much followed the written set list (not always the case for this gig) and had the patrons rocking for much of the evening.

Thanks to all who helped set up and break down the sound system!!! It REALLY helps me!!!

Saturday was a wonderful, warm, sunny day. I started early setting up the sound system and almost had a meltdown when I couldn't figure out how to stretch all the cords to get the electricity to the speakers and the sound to the audience, you know??? But it was a matter of adjustment and I finally figured it out.

Dave, our host, had told me he wanted music, LIVE,, as much as we could provide....I told him, if you let me, I will play until you shut me down....and I basically did, with the great help of the band....

Nan on guitar and vocals (her harmony lines are so amazing, and she also did some great lead singing...thank you Nan!!!) and Mark, whose guitar playing is my envy. He gets the feelings in the music out there for us to ponder!!! Paul made sure we followed the beat....I SO miss playing with you Paul!!! And Tom's bass laid the foundation for the tunes....and he had a HIT with Jelly Roll Man both nights!!!!!

The man of the hour, though, is BUgs....Bugs doesn't let rules stop him from getting great sounds and wringing emotions from that guitar of his....and we happily followed him through many many Neil songs. Thanks for the good times guys!!!

Another GREAT ARF....Thanks to all. The food was great, the company FABULOUS. Here's to next year!!!

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