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Friday, November 14, 2008

Barack Obama & Wilco at Farm Aid 2005

This is President Elect Obama in 2005 at Farm Aide, introducing Wilco. At the time, I had no idea who he was, but I asked around and the crowd there loved him...he certainly drew my attention....

Later, he told a news reporter that he had requested Southern Man from Neil and sat in a trailer while Neil practiced the song. Obama commented that it was the most fun he had had as a public servant so far....Obama is cool!!!

!!!!! MY BAD!!!!!
Correction on 11/14/08
I have been told that Obama may NOT have requested Southern Man, as I stated above and read on the internet (I am looking for an answer.....), and here is a newspaper story regarding Obama and Neil----

From USA Today, May 5th 2006:

Sen. Obama gets Neil Young's endorsement

OMAHA (AP) — Rocker Neil Young may want Sen. Barack Obama to run for
president, but the freshman Democratic senator from Illinois isn't having any
of it — at least not yet.

In his latest album, Living With War, Young mentions Obama in the song
Lookin' for a Leader. In it, Young sings of the nation's need for a new leader,
singing, "Yeah maybe it's Obama, but he thinks that he's too young."

The 44-year-old Obama said at a news conference before a fundraiser
Saturday that he had read the lyrics. But despite being name-checked by a
Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Obama said he has no intention of running for
president in two years.

That doesn't mean Obama is dissing Young completely: "I'm a big Neil Young
fan," Obama said.

He and Young met in Chicago at last year's Farm Aid concert. Obama said he
sat in a trailer while Young rehearsed the song Southern Man.

"The acoustics in a trailer are terrific. It was unbelievable. ... It was one of the
best times that we've had since I was a senator," Obama said.

For his part, Young doesn't pin all his hopes on the Illinois senator. In the
same song, Young says the needed leader may also be a woman, possibly a
reference to Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York.>>