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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Karen's Blog

Karen has posted a few pictures on her Blog (click the title) from her visit this weekend with me. We gathered at my place and decided to have a cocktail (karen's famous margaritas....) before going to dinner at Mexican Radio. We had several rusted women....karen, kathyB, nan, jill, jeanne, me.....and we all have problems with verbal expression (we wanna talk NOW) we had to pass around a Talking Stick. Now, the first 'stick' i came across was my Walking Stick, which then became a Talking Stick and was soon being used as a Thrashing Stick in order to keep others a little quieter.....

On the way to the meal, we stopped several times so that karen could take the pictures she has posted to her blog....go and read there a bit to see some of Columbia County's beauty. One of the great things about having out of town company is always to see things anew out of another's eyes.... you again can see the beauty of what is around you everyday....

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  1. I love these pictures. The sky was so strangely beautiful that night ... My four favorites pics are indeed on my blog, scroll down to Sunday May 25th!


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