House Concerts

I love doing house concerts! Hey, I love GOING to house concerts!!!

A house concert is just what it sounds like... a concert, in your home, just you, your family and friends, and an artist to play 1-2 hours. It could be in the living room, the garage, on the porch, where ever you have space for 15 or more folks to comfortably sit and listen to music. It can be a part of a gathering such as a potluck or a bbq, or a celebration of a birthday or anniversary. It could also be a simple time at your house, with friends and cocktails and conversation before and after a 60 minute show.

Generally, the artist is paid, either by the host (rare), by passing the hat around the guests or by suggested donation (but, no one turned away). If you are interested in finding out more about house concerts, we can certainly discuss that and come up with a plan that will make both of us happy :)

An important consideration is having people in your home. For so many reasons, it is best not to publicly announce or advertise a house concert. The best plan is to invite your family and friends, and have them invite their family and friends, so that there is a firm connection between you and all the people at your house. It is great when your concert is popular!

Part of my job is to help you plan your concert, and I have ideas on seating, and arranging rooms, and snacks, and a hundred other little details!! My thing is to make sure that the house concert is fun for all your guests and especially YOU!

So, if you are interested in even THINKING about a house concert, shoot me a note. You can even use the little thingy right over there somewhere -------------------->>

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