What's On My Mind

For older people 
Independent means alone 
That is a sign of our time 
Folks used to live together 
In a group, not alone 
Someone there to help all the time  
You cared for me, now 
I must care for you 

I don't like 
What I have to do. 
All your life you've been here 
Had no need to roam 
I need to say what's on my mind 

And you will think me so unkind 

Now you are so feeble 
What if you don't reach the phone 
I can't be here all the time 
You say that you are able 
You are ok here alone 
but that's not what I find 
You cared for me, now I must care for you 
you won't like 
What I have to do 
A big piece of you 
Will stay here behind 
And you will think me so unkind 
And that weighs heavy on my mind 

I wish things were different 
Some peace we could make 
A clear and right thing for us to do 
My answer is reluctant 
I know your heart will break 
But I see nothing else to do 
You cared for me, now I must care for you 
You won't like 
What I need to do 
Will you forgive me? 
Will you ever see 
This is how it has to be.

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