Hi! I am Marilyn, a singer/songwriter in Hudson, NY. You have landed on my personal website/ blog/ calendar, and you will find here all kinds of things about my musical life. Look around! My blog is below, but over in the right column under 'Pages', you can see links to videos, show schedules, song lists and the other musical projects I am working on. I really hope you will consider getting to a show or even have me (and my friends) come and entertain you at your party or event. People enjoy having us play for them!

When the music calls, I *will* be there....

Thanks to WGXC and Tom Roe, I have this complete version of my song, Something We Can Do.
Enjoy it.
But even more.... talk to each other in love, forget hate.

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A fixture on the local music scene, Hudson born Marilyn Miller grew up in nearby Germantown and is the grand daughter of a fiddler and entertainer. She played clarinet in the school band and in Columbia County musical institution the Ghent Band. When the Woodstock wave hit the Hudson Valley, Marilyn was ready for something new and the rest of her musical life blossomed.
Neil Young, Pete Seeger, Patti Smith and Joni Mitchell, among others, influenced her world view and her interest in music and the guitar. Though marriage and motherhood intervened, her desire to keep learning and performing led her to guitar teacher David Hodge in the neighboring Berkshires. Step by step, Marilyn continued to grow into song writing, performing and recording her own songs.
Marilyn is a big believer in continuing to learn and grow by attending workshops and seminars by notable songwriters and performers such as Steve Earle, Richard Thompson and Sloan Wainwright. An enthusiastic ‘Rustie’, she has traveled the world with this group of Neil Young fans, singing and playing in dozens of international cities and attending over 100 of Neil’s shows!
These days, her influences tend towards James McMurtry, Todd Snider, Brandi Carlisle, Lukas Nelson, John Prine and her friend and fellow musician Betsi Krisniski… her sometime musical partner and ‘busking’ sister. Marilyn is well known as the leader of a loosely organized group of street players known as ‘Hudson Busk’.
Her current projects include ‘Rick & Marilyn’ along with guitar slinger Rick Warren. She appears at many local events such as the Blueberry Festival, Hudson Music Festival, Greene County Arts Picnics, Lighthouse Open House on the river, farmers markets and open mics. Marilyn is an organizer of jams and song circles among local friends and musicians and is always among the first to answer the musical call for social justice and political events and often leads such efforts.

Marilyn Miller truly embodies the spirit of bringing ‘music to the people’ in a grassroots way and by doing so brings the ‘people to the music‘.

Music should leave a mark on the heart and speak to the soul. Whether Marilyn Miller is singing a favorite cover or her own melodic song, she is sure to both move you in the moment and leave a lasting mark. She sings songs that are highly personal, with catchy, fun tunes and honest, thoughtful lyrics. Don’t be surprised to find yourself humming her melodies and remembering the hooks....this music sticks with you. She plays a rhythmic guitar and sings joyously, and can often be found making music on the street, encouraging others at open jams, and generally just spreading the love of music. Her songs will make you dance, bring back that certain memory or let you explore some feelings a little deeper.

Her 10-song debut album showcases her unique voice and mastery of a wide range of song styles. Nighthawk, produced by Todd Mack of Off the Beat 'N' Track Studio in Sheffield, MA, is a collection of songs ranging from the punkish-rock of "Crash and Burn" to the down-home country of "Crater." There are also acoustic ballads, a straight up blues piece, and the title song, which is best enjoyed in the dark, with head phones. Each song comes wrapped up in sonic magic created by an exciting set of musicians, heavily flavored with guitars of all sorts, pedal steel, violin and viola, piano and drums.

It is no surprise that, given the diversity of her songs, her favorite musician is Neil Young, a man well known to follow his muse wherever it takes him. His influence is evident in these songs. As a performer, Marilyn is most often compared to Patti Smith, no doubt due to the high energy she displays in presenting her work, and her dedication to always seeking the truth in the music.

Marilyn would love to entertain you at your gathering, solo acoustic or with others. She is happy to perform folk songs that you know, her own songs, or a combo. Let her know what you are thinking!

NightHawk” is sold on CD Baby. For information on shows or to hear the entire CD, go to www.MarilynMillerMusic.com.

To book a gig, request promo materials, or to set up an interview, please contact Marilyn at 518 965-3212 or marilyn@MarilynMillerMusic.com. Marilyn is available for gigs, solo or with band, acoustic or plugged in, private or public. 


Short bio:

For some people, a guitar is just an instrument. For Marilyn Miller, a guitar is a friend, a joy and a tool for community. With her extensive knowledge of classic folk, her catalog dips into Neil Young, John Prine, Steve Earle and other progressive musicians, but her strength is in her original compositions. The songs consist of compelling, memorable melodies and thoughtful, heartfelt lyrics. Her debut album, Nighthawk, showcases her unique voice, her mastery of a wide range of song styles and her emotional depth. You will remember these songs and this performance.